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GET BACK TO NORMAL with compression therapy that works.

The NormaTec Via and Via Elite help to restore healthy circulation and improve mobility in the limbs. Our state-of-the-art pneumatic compression devices use a patented technology to control lymphedema, heal chronic wounds, and treat venous insufficiency, with a convenient system that can be used at home. Learn more about how the Via Series can help.

for Healthcare Professionals

Get more information on the NormaTec Via Series for treating circulatory disorders, and how to start prescribing. Explore how our advanced pneumatic compression devices can help your patients with treatment at home for improved mobility and profound healing results.

for Patients and Families

The NormaTec Via Series allows you to restore the health of your limbs, improve mobility, and treat your symptoms in the comfort of your home. Learn more about the medical conditions that the Via Series treats, and find out how to get started with a system of your own.

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